About Phoenix Composting Toilets

Phoenix Compsoting Toilets are the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of disposing of human waste. They save energy and water and their unique positive ventilation system guarantees no bad smells.

We are also aware of the sensitivity of design in fragile areas and their impact visually as well as environmentally. With that in mind we involve at an early stage Architects experienced in design that is both efficient in its use of resources, sustainable and in keeping with environmental construction principles.

The Phoenix Composting Toilet incorporates the following:

  • Positive ventilation system ensures that there are no unpleasant smells
  • Water is not required and ideal where sewers and septic tanks are environmentally unsound
  • Wastes are transformed into a stable end product by biological treatment
  • Easy to operate
  • Designed to resist corrosion and vandalism
  • Low power requirements which are provided by photovolatic cells if there is no power supply to hand
  • Proven in the field in such environmentally sensitive areas as Loch Lomond National Park and the Grand Canyon
  • Over six hundred installed
  • We provide excellent techinical support