Phoenix Composting Toilet conserves energy and water, and is friendly to the environment.

The Phoenix Composting Toilet is manufactured in Advanced Composting Systems climate controlled factory near a peat bog south of Whitefish, Montana, a resort and railroad town west of Glacier National Park.

Many have been constructed in environmentally sensitive areas of the United States and is widely used as public facilities in the National Parks where it has been approved for use by all Federal Agencies.

Advanced Composting Systems, has over thirty years experience designing, manufacturing, and installing toilets and prefabricated buildings.

Phoenix Composting Toilets UK Ltd has a licence to supply and install the Phoenix toilet in the UK and Europe and it's staff has wide experience in the construction of waste water and environmental treatment plants as well as general construction.

This team is unbeatable in their breadth and depth of experience and can be guaranteed to provide you with a safe, sustainable, efficient, environmentally sensitive product.

About Phoenix Composting Toilets UK

Phoenix Compsoting Toilets are the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of disposing of human waste. They save energy and water and their unique positive ventilation system guarantees no bad smells...

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Design Features of the Phoenix Composting Toilet

One or two toilets connect to the Phoenix with 12-inch diameter chute. The toilets are molded from vandal resistant polythylene and ABS plastic. Ventilation is provided by an efficient, 5-watt, direct current fan.

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